Jessie J planning US move

Jessie J says she will most likely relocate from England to America within the next two years.

Jessie J reveals she’ll be relocating to the US very soon.

The 26-year-old British singer was born and raised in London, England.

But she’ll be leaving her birthplace within the next two years to set up shop in America.

“I’m kind of 50/50 there. Within the next 18 months I’m going to get a place in LA or New York,” she revealed during an interview with UK radio station Kiss FM.

Jessie is currently promoting her new song with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj, which is entitled Bang Bang.

The songstress is elated about how the tune came together, as she wanted to work with these musicians for a while.

“Max Martin and I got the song and I was like, ‘I have to record this’,” Jessie recalled.

“I put my vocal down and then Ariana heard it and she was like, ‘I wanna put a verse on it’. Then Nicki heard it and, I mean, I had tried to get Nicki on Do it like a Dude… I didn’t know if she was really going to do it.

“And then they sent me a verse and I cried.”

Jessie is hoping Bang Bang will strike a chord with female listeners around the world.

“It’s powerful, it’s a proper girls’ song,” she said.

Jessie has been hot on the music scene since her debut hit single Do It like a Dude in 2010.

Her second album Alive, which was released last year, didn’t do as well as anticipated, having sold a mere 200,000 copies.
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Thursday, 31. July 2014