A day of The Fooo @ MTV

On August 12th we will be dedicating the entire day to The Fooo!

On August 13th The Fooo will be playing their biggest concert to date: Vertigo in Stockholm, Sweden. But the party will start one day earlier right here at MTV. Foooers will be able to watch an entire day filled with exclusive content, like the fresh-out-of-the-oven documentary Meet The Fooo.

August 12th: A day of The Fooo
Meet The Fooo – 07:30
The Fooo’s Favourites – 07:55
Meet The Fooo – 10:05
The Fooo’s Favourites – 10:30
Meet The Foo – 12:30
The Fooo’s Favourites – 13:00
Meet The Foo – 14:20
The Fooo’s Favourites – 14:45
Meet The Foo – 17:05
The Fooo’s Favourites – 17:30

Friday, 08. August 2014