Jessie J: I live for helping people

Jessie J makes music to help others through difficult situations.

Jessie J is happiest when she provokes original thoughts in people.

The 26-year-old singer has been on the music scene since her debut hit single Do It like a Dude in 2010 and recently took fans by storm with her collaboration with Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande, titled Bang Bang.

Jessie has put on a strong front from the beginning, and takes others’ misconceptions of her as fuel to keep her going and inspire others.

“Being a female artist people initially think you want to prioritise things like doing a perfume and clothing line – that’s exciting but it doesn’t get me up in the morning,” she explained to British newspaper Metro.

“I’m happiest when I’ve made someone think about something they hadn’t thought about before. When I was in China a boy threw a letter on stage. It said: ‘I get bullied at school and the only thing that keeps me alive is the way you explain life to me.’ It sounds really clichéd but that’s why I do this.”

Jessie’s previous role as a judge on British TV show The Voice demonstrated how keen she is to help others discover their own talents. Even though it’s taken her a while to find her feet, the raven-haired beauty now feels confident enough to stand her ground against criticism.

“Don’t care what people think, work is bloody hard, remember that nothing is guaranteed and be yourself – although I’ve said that before and I haven’t always done it,” she advised when asked what lessons her career has taught her.

“My parents have said, ‘You say ’be yourself’ but you’re still conforming’. I’m not so scared any more, I know what I stand for and who I am and I’ve learned to have fun with it.”
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Wednesday, 30. July 2014