Sean Bean: Jupiter scenes will stun

Sean Bean was impressed with the action scenes in Jupiter Ascending, but Mila Kunis found filming them painstaking at times.

Sean Bean can’t believe how good the effects in Jupiter Ascending look.

The British actor is part of an all star cast, including Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum and Eddie Redmayne, in the sci-fi adventure.

The movie tells the story of a future society which sees human woman Jupiter (Mila) targeted for assassination by the Queen of the Universe. This sets her on course for her destiny to finish the queen’s reign.

“At the end we’re in these space machines. These space-rocket fighter things, like little carts. Me and Channing are just sitting in these buckets with two grip handle things, pretending. Lots of, ‘Turn left!’ and, ‘I got your back!’ I saw the finished thing, and I was like, ‘F**king hell, they made us look unbelievable,’” Sean enthused to Empire magazine.

While Lord of the Rings star Sean enjoyed the physical challenge, Mila wasn’t so impressed.

The first major action sequence was so specifically stylised, it required the cast to shoot a tiny fragment of the sequences every single day for the entire shoot.

“Piece by piece, frame by frame, the same sequences again and again, but all with different set ups. And our body gets wrecked, just wrecked,” Mila recalled.

Eddie didn’t fare much better, confessing that he nearly threw up while filming gravity defying scenes.

But Mila doesn’t want the onset antics to put audience members off the flick, which is slated for February 2015 release.

“He [Channing] gets hired by somebody to come and take me. Not exactly in a negative way – it’s more that a lot of people are after my character and you don’t know who is in it for the right reasons and who for the wrong reasons. My character learns as the audience learns. You see though her eyes,” she explained.
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Sunday, 27. July 2014