Rachel McAdams: I love sauerkraut!

Rachel McAdams loved indulging in German food when she shot A Most Wanted Man.

Rachel McAdams is a big fan of German cuisine.

The stunning actress flew over to the European country as part of the filming schedule on new flick A Most Wanted Man and indulged in many delicacies that were on offer.

The film also provided 35-year-old Rachel with another special experience – shooting with late actor Philip Seymour Hoffman.

“We shot this a year and a half ago. Seven weeks in Germany, which I loved. I’d never been there before. Loved the food. The sauerkraut, schnitzel and that bread with duck fat butter,” Rachel told the New York Post at the New York premiere of the film.

“I play a lawyer representing people in court, and did a few stunts like a chase and climbing a ladder, and had a few scenes with Philip Seymour Hoffman, which were really great.”

A Most Wanted Man was one of Philip’s last films. The actor died at the age of 46 in February, following a drug overdose.

The flick also co-stars Daniel Brühl and Robin Wright, who laughed the film was shot so long ago she couldn’t remember what happens.

The thriller is based on the novel penned by John le Carré.

“I’ve seen the le Carré book sitting on a shelf, but never read it. We made this so long ago, I can’t remember much, including where we filmed," she laughed before asking a friend to remind her where they shot.

“I played a CIA agent. No dangerous stunts, but it was exciting that I got to walk around Langley. And how’s that for a closing line for you?”

Stars including Mick Jagger, Calvin Klein, Isiah Whitlock Jr. and Julianna Margulies turned out for the premiere on Tuesday.
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Thursday, 24. July 2014