Sam Smith: Honesty helped me

Sam Smith admits talking to the man who inspired his number one album put a "book-end" to his feelings.

Sam Smith felt closure after telling his unrequited love that his smash hit album was based on him.

The British star burst on to the music scene last year and released debut album In the Lonely Hour in May 2014.

He recently confessed the album was written with a certain man in mind; one whom he had loved but didn’t feel the same.

“I told him before the album came out and it gave me a lot of closure actually,” Sam revealed to ITN News. "It made the whole; it just put a book-end at the end of the record. It was amazing. I’m so happy I did it.

“What I wrote the songs about don’t affect me anymore and that’s what I rely on. I literally rely on the fans singing it back to me… the songs almost come alive again. It makes me emotional. Every moment when they’re singing back I’m thinking, ‘I can’t believe this is happening to me!’”

Sam topped the UK charts with the album and reached number two in the US Billboard 200, New Zealand, Canada and Australian charts as well as getting into the top ten in many more countries.

The 22-year-old revealed his sexuality in a recent interview with website The Fader and says he couldn’t be prouder of the reaction fans have given.

“I’m proud of the world and the people in the world for the way that they’ve reacted because they’ve hardly reacted… which is exactly what we wanted.

“You know, if you go through my record collection, they’re all straight people. They’re all straight guys, straight women singing and I can still relate to their music if you know what I mean. And I wanted to make an album like that,” he smiled.
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Wednesday, 23. July 2014