Gomez ‘shoves pap’

Selena Gomez allegedly told a paparazzo he needed to have more “respect”.

Selena Gomez wants paparazzi to have more “respect”.

The pop star was celebrating her 22nd birthday Tuesday with friends in Italy.

But Perez Hilton reports days of festivities brought to the island of Ischia an onslaught of photographers, one of whom Selena allegedly “got physical” with.

A video published on the website shows Selena walking amid a throng of paps after stepping off a boat while someone attempts to shield her with a black umbrella.

She is seen pushing her hand out as she tries to pass by one photographer, allegedly “shoving” him, according to the outlet.

“Have respect,” she’s reportedly heard saying.

“I do,” a man is heard saying in the background.

Selena had not publicly addressed the alleged incident at press time.

However, the star has been posting several snaps on social media and sharing photos from her European getaway with fans.

“Ocean hair,” she captioned a picture of herself on Monday.

A previous post also shows the star posing with her model pal Cara Delevingne and a helicopter waiting in the background.

She also shared a video of herself being serenaded by one of her favourite performers.

“One of my favorites songs in the world was written by this lovely man. Tony Renis! already an amazing birthday ☺️#geekinout #butimfeelin22,” she wrote on Instagram.
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Wednesday, 23. July 2014