Hudson’s ‘thirties crisis’

Kate Hudson has spoken about the existential crisis many people in their thirties experience.

Kate Hudson believes many people in their thirties experience an existential crisis.

The 35-year-old actress stars in new dramedy Wish I Was Here opposite Zach Braff, who portrays Aidan Bloom in the picture, a man grappling with future prospects after finding himself at a major crossroads in life involving his career, family and friends.

And as a thirty-something, Kate can personally relate to feeling a little lost about where to go in life at this age.

“I think it’s more of just an overall thing. It’s not necessarily about kids as much as it is about that moment in your thirties where you go, ‘There’s no more excuses, I’m an adult and now it’s time for me to own that I can’t blame it on youth, I’m in my prime and now what does it all mean and where is it all going?’ That’s the crisis Aidan is having [in the movie],” she explained to interviewer Savannah Guthrie on The Today Show.

Kate shares three-year-old son Bingham with her rockstar fiancé Matthew Bellamy of Muse and she is also mother to son Ryder, 10, from a previous relationship.

She confesses it was hard to listen to advice several months into her pregnancies.

“I know when I was pregnant everybody had advice to give and after a while you’re like, ‘I just want to have a baby. I don’t want to hear. I just want to see what happens,’” Kate jokingly recalled.

Wish I Was Here premiered at Sundance Film Festival in January and was released in US theatres last week.
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Tuesday, 22. July 2014