Mandy Moore: I’m boring

Mandy Moore says she never felt inclined to be reckless in her teens and twenties.

Mandy Moore admits she’s spent most of her life being “quiet and kind of boring”.

The 30-year-old Dedication made her Hollywood debut in 1993 and after over 20 years in the business she’s never been embroiled in any tabloid scandals.

Mandy reveals wild urges simply aren’t part of her nature.

“I never really experienced that part of my life where I wanted to go out and stay out super late. I’ve always been quiet and kind of boring,” she told Healthy Hollywood. “But, I don’t’ apologise for it anymore.”

Mandy has come to accept how she operates on a daily basis.

But she confesses her musician husband Ryan Adams is on his own if he’s awake during certain hours of the night.

“I go to bed early and I wake up early. I feel most productive during the day. I need to start my day right and I’m going to get the bulk of my day done before noon,” Mandy explained.

“It’s rare than I’m not in bed by 10. I know it is lame. I’m certainly not a great date to watch a movie with after 9 – count on me to be asleep on the couch. But, I’ve come to accept that’s my natural rhythm.”

She and Ryan, who has produced albums for Fall Out Boy and Willie Nelson, are dedicated to animal welfare.

The actress has joined forces with Purina Cat Chow’s Building Better Lives campaign, which has already provided $250,000 to cat shelters in need across the US.

And Mandy admits she has a soft spot for felines in her heart.

“They love you no matter what. It doesn’t matter what you look like, what kind of day you had or what you do, they’re always going to be there and love you unconditionally,” she noted.
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Thursday, 17. July 2014