Nicole Richie's sibling troubles

Nicole Richie doesn't know what to make of the younger generation, who feature heavily in her new TV show.

Nicole Richie often wants to throw her younger sister down a flight of stairs.

The 32-year-old-star says it’s not because she doesn’t love her sibling Sofia, but rather gets so infuriated with teenagers today.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Nicole, whose new reality show Candidly Nicole starts this week, confesses that her favourite topic covered in the series was Millennials – or generation X.

“My sister Sofia is 15. I look at her sometimes and I’m like, ‘I love you, but I want to throw you down a flight of stairs right now.’ I can never tell if she’s happy or wants me to get out of her face,” Nicole laughed to the publication.

The VH1 show delves into the world of modern phenomena such as selfies, tramp stamps (a type of tattoo) and online dating.

While Nicole once enjoyed a wild child past, she’s now mom to Harlow, six, and four-year-old Sparrow with husband Joel Madden. However, she got to live vicariously throw her new project.

“It’s my chance to learn while having the most fun ever. It’s very tongue-planted-firmly-in-cheek," she explained.

“The concept [of online dating] is still so crazy to me! Everyone gets to rehearse their answers. Years ago, you had to straight-up respond — live.”

Thinking up ideas for episodes was easy for Nicole, who turned to the internet to guide her.

“Twitter’s an easy place to connect and ask questions. I follow people who make me laugh, like [writer] Kelly Oxford,” she smiled.

She’ll also be including friends in the series, but says seeing them in their place of work was a weird experience.

“[I drop in on] my friend Katherine Power, who runs Who What Wear. I don’t see my friends as adults, so it was intimidating to visit her at work!” she giggled.
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Tuesday, 15. July 2014