Beyoncé 'taking charge of marriage'

Beyoncé Knowles is apparently ready to "send a message" that she is in charge of her marriage.

Beyoncé Knowles is reportedly “asserting herself” by asking for new pre-nup clauses.

The singer and her hip-hop star husband Jay Z married in secret in April 2008 and they have two-year-old daughter Blue Ivy together. Before they wed the pair agreed some terms, reportedly including that Beyoncé would get $5 million for every child they have should they split.

The pair have been going through a tough time of late, after Beyoncé’s sister Solange was filmed attacking Jay in an elevator in May. There have also been allegations about the rapper being unfaithful, which have never been proven.

“Beyoncé has asked for some new clauses, including a cheating one that gives her another $5m if Jay strays. She also wants him around her and Blue Ivy a lot more. She doesn’t want him to be away from them for more than ten days and asked for that to be written in too,” an insider told British magazine Heat.

“Beyoncé is still extremely angry. She’s been humiliated time and time again since the elevator fight between Solange and Jay… Now she’s taking back her power. She’s asserting herself and sending a message that she’s in charge.”

The singer and rapper are currently on their joint On The Run Tour. While she caused raised eyebrows by changing the lyrics of one of her songs to seemingly accuse Jay of not treating her properly, they have since put on a show of togetherness with Jay evening kissing his wife on stage.

“Jay is desperate to get back into Beyoncé’s good books. He does love her very much and feels awful that the rumours have embarrassed her in this way,” the source said. “He hasn’t signed the agreement yet – his lawyers are looking over it – but I think he will, or at least a version of it, because he doesn’t want to lose her.”
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Tuesday, 15. July 2014