Kaley Cuoco’s ‘dude food’

Kaley Cuoco reportedly pulled out all the stops for her husband Ryan Sweeting’s 27th birthday.

Kaley Cuoco supposedly served “dude food” at her husband’s bday bash.

The Big Bang Theory actress celebrated her tennis player beau Ryan Sweeting’s 27th birthday on July 14 with a grand party.

And according to Meg Hall, who runs catering company Made By Meg in Los Angeles, Kaley went all out to ensure her other half had access to all his favourite dishes.

“It was all what I call ‘dude food’,” she told People magazine.

“Kaley really wanted to make Ryan feel like this was his party, from the food to everything that happened. Watching her plan this very thoughtful, really sweet birthday party for him was just such a testament to what a nice person she is. She loves making him feel special.”

Meg, who says she’s been working with Kaley for years, reveals partygoers had access to a burger bar, mac ‘n’ cheese lobster poppers and bags of Fritos chips filled with cheddar cheese and warm chili.

Kaley thoroughly addressed every detail and even incorporated her man’s family name into party favours.

“Ryan loves candy, he always has candy around,” Meg said. “Which I think is very sweet, since his last name is Sweeting.”

Many photos of the bash surfaced on Instagram.

And Meg shared a picture on the social networking site showing just how much of a blast attendees had.

“Latergram of one of the most awesomest, most loving birthday parties we’ve yet to cater,” the professional cook wrote in the image caption.
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Tuesday, 15. July 2014