VB's 'public toilet aversion'

Victoria Beckham reportedly worries about being photographed washing her hands in a public bathroom.

Victoria Beckham is reportedly too “scared” of public toilets to go to a bar.

Recently the fashion designer’s husband David was photographed enjoying a drink in a London pub with Tom Cruise. Victoria wasn’t with them and it’s been claimed that is because she is deeply mistrustful of such venues.

“There is no way in hell she would be seen in a pub with anyone,” an insider claimed to British magazine Heat. “No way – she would refuse to use the bathroom for one thing. She swears she’s scared of those places. She hates the idea of someone taking a picture on their phone while she’s washing her hands.”

While David seems happy with his life following the family’s relocation from Los Angeles to London, Victoria isn’t seen out as much. David has been spotted picking up some fast food, enjoying trips to the park and at other events, while Victoria flies under the radar more. Apparently it’s because she doesn’t have that much interest in everyday life.

“The main reason you don’t see Vic out as much as David is that she just doesn’t ‘do’ the park, the pub, the supermarket – all those normal things,” the source said. “David loves nothing more than being in London and being ‘normal’ – driving to see his mum or popping to the pie and mash shop – but Vic is the opposite. David sees himself as an average working dad, while she jokes that they’re too rich for all that. Posh laughs, ‘We have staff to do that stuff for us!’”

Victoria does go out, but she is said to be careful about the establishments she frequents. She prefers private members clubs and top hotels where she is allowed to enter through a separate entrance to others and not be photographed. She is also said to have a list of her favourite restaurants which she knows will make her the food she likes best.
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Sunday, 13. July 2014