Maggie Gyllenhaal wary of work reveal

Maggie Gyllenhaal feels respected by her husband when it comes to her work.

Maggie Gyllenhaal felt “so shy” about showing her husband her work.

The Golden Globe nominee has been married to fellow actor Peter Sarsgaard for five years. Having both starred in a wealth of movies between them, it’s no surprise that they give each other feedback on their roles, although it has taken Maggie a while to feel confident in showing her husband her work.

“I’ve done two plays with him and before that, I always respected his work, but I would feel so shy for him to see mine,” she told British magazine Look. “After we worked together, I felt so respected by him. He’s the person who I look to the most for advice, ideas and help, and I think it’s the same for him.”

The couple have two children together, Ramona, seven, and two-year-old Gloria. The family resides in the low-key neighbourhood Park Slope in Brooklyn, New York, but with two major Hollywood stars in the clan, they can be on the receiving end of other people’s attention.

“If something’s happened, if a movie has come out or there’s a little gossip about something, then yes [we get lots of attention], but otherwise, it’s OK,” she explained. “The problem for me is when I go to LA because in New York, I know where to avoid [being photographed], but in LA sometimes I’m like, ‘Oh no, what have I walked into?’ [And] in my workout clothes!”

Maggie and her brood have spent a lot of time in England recently as she took on her first ever TV role in the BBC’s The Honourable Woman. It was a character that completely drew the 36-year-old to the drama.

“I’ve never seen a character like Nessa,” she said. “She’s a wild combination of someone who is incredibly intelligent, graceful and powerful – and unapologetic in being those things, which is unusual.”
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Sunday, 13. July 2014