Eminem ‘won’t apologise’

Eminem reportedly blames Wembley for the poor sound system at his Friday night show.

Eminem reportedly refuses to apologise about the botched sound at his London show Friday night.

The rapper sold out Wembley Stadium for his first concert in the city since 2001, but many fans complained they couldn’t hear his lyrics due to the venue’s poor speakers.

The Sunday People reports Eminem isn’t happy so many people had a bad experience, but blames Wembley for the issues.

“Obviously Eminem was upset that some of his fans didn’t enjoy the show as much as they would have done but he won’t be saying anything, Wembley are investigating,” a source said.

“But, he wanted to ensure that things were sorted for tonight’s gig, he didn’t want it happening again.”

Apparently the mis-hap didn’t hinder Eminem’s performance, however. The hip-hop star reportedly felt like he gave a great show before he heard about all the problems.

“He loved Friday’s show and was delighted with how it all went. He is sad for the fans who didn’t get to enjoy it as much as they should have done. However, he has been reassured that the whole stadium wasn’t affected,” the insider added.

The comments followed complaints from fans who travelled hours to the venue.

“I’m a big Eminem fan but this is the first time I’d seen him live. He was good but the set up wasn’t great and the speakers were rubbish, for Wembley, you’d expect them to be better,” Jonathan Sheldon, 18, previously told UK newspaper The Mirror.

“We saw quite a few people leave because of the sound,” he claimed.

“It was good but the sound let it down. My ears were ringing. I knew the songs but couldn’t recognise some of them because the bass was too loud,” Daisy Dukes, 17, added.

A spokesperson for the venue meanwhile assured fans the sound had been adjusted for the Saturday night show.

“We are aware of some sound issues from earlier tonight & have monitored & adjusted it where necessary. We thank you for your patience,” read a statement from a Wembley rep.
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Sunday, 13. July 2014