Frances Bean: Mum taught me survival

Courtney Love’s daughter wishes the rocker a happy 50th birthday.

Frances Bean Cobain says Courtney Love taught her to “survive”.

The 21-year-old daughter of the Hole rocker and late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain took to Twitter on Wednesday to celebrate her mother as she turned 50.

Despite years of public turmoil between the pair, Frances said she credits Courtney with helping her grow as a person.

“Happy birthday to my unorthodox/free spirited mother @Courtney thanks for teaching me to embrace creativity&survive,” Frances wrote.

Courtney re-tweeted the message, and several others wishing her a happy 50th.

The outspoken musician also took the opportunity to turn heads with a list of “50 obsessions I couldn’t live without”, published on xoJane to mark the milestone year.

“Let’s start with my favorite. And that would be: Sex. Obviously,” the star wrote.

“Frances” came in at number two on the list.

“My proudest accomplishment always makes me prouder. Her artwork is phenomenal, too,” she boasted of her visual-artist daughter.

“My fans. Thank you, every single one,” she listed at number three, followed by “Nostalgia. Particularly in musical form,” and “Good girlfriends” who “make life complete”.

Courtney also made mention of “dirty songs”, “headline-making cleavage”, “making reporters do their job better”, “fashion”, “perfume” and “epic kisses”.

Wrapping up the list at 48, she wrote: “Taking down those who take you down. With wit, style and penis jokes.”

But she didn’t miss the opportunity to self-promote.

Her clothing line, Never the Bride, came in at 49, followed by her upcoming book.

“Girl With the Most Cake, coming soon from HarperCollins, and no, it won’t be a kiss and tell,” she mused.
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Thursday, 10. July 2014