Sneak peek: Plain Jane Episode 7

This week Louise takes Laura to Malta!

Laura had made some big changes in her life, but will her new look and confidence impress her secret crush Cedric on a date in Malta?

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Thursday, 10. July 2014

  • BTS: Louise's view on Laura

    Louise talks about Laura and how she had lost a lot of weight but was still dressing in baggy clothes, and she needed that push to improve her fashion and confidence.

  • Jane Profile: Laura

    Laura is from Toronto and now lives and works in London. She recently lost a lot of weight but still dresses in baggy clothes, and desperately needs fashion help.

  • Crush Profile: Cedric

    Cedric works a marketing job in London and loves music. He got a call from Louise and at first thought it was a joke but is excited to go on the date.