Ashley Benson mothers her dog

Ashley Benson thinks her pet pooch is the "best thing in the world".

Ashley Benson’s dog is like her child.

The 24-year-old actress is the proud mother of Maltese Shih Tzu Olive, who has been such a hit with the star’s fans she even has her own Twitter page. The two couldn’t be closer, with Olive being Ashley’s favourite hanging out partner.

“I have a dog – her name is Olive and she’s the best thing in the world. She’s like my daughter. So I love hanging out with my dog. I love going to eat. I like a really boring life – my favourite thing to do is a go to a restaurant,” she told Company magazine.

Ashley is best known for portraying Hanna in TV show Pretty Little Liars, which she shoots for nine months of the year. It means she doesn’t have much time for relaxation, so on her days off taking time out at home seems like a luxury.

The star also enjoys seeing her pals when she can, explaining there are a group of them who get together all the time.

“I have a good core group of, like, five best girl friends,” she said. “I was home-schooled so I didn’t really make a lot of friends in school, but I met lots of them just around LA!”

The actress is also interested in music and has eclectic tastes. When she was in London visiting a friend a little while ago she had a lot of time on her hands, so went to a major venue to see Justin Bieber perform. More recently she’s been to a rap concert and a music festival, although she’d like to go to a lot more.

“I went to Justin Timberlake and Jay Z – that was pretty cool! And I just went to Coachella – that was lots of fun but very chaotic. I’m pretty rubbish though, as every time there’s a concert on I’m usually working…,” she laughed.
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Saturday, 05. July 2014