Bey 'sick of speculation'

Beyoncé Knowles is apparently trying to hide the pain she is in from others.

Beyoncé Knowles reportedly feels like her world is “crumbling”.

The US superstar and her husband Jay Z are currently on their On The Run tour, which has come as they battle speculation about their relationship. Rumours began to swirl after footage of Beyoncé’s sister Solange attacking Jay in an elevator was made public, and although the family have tried to put things behind them it’s claimed Beyoncé is still suffering.

“It’s been an incredibly rough few weeks for Beyoncé,” an insider claimed to British magazine Heat. “She doesn’t know what to believe and is doing her best to not let anyone see how much pain she’s in. But it feels like everything is crumbling around her.”

The couple kicked off their shows in Miami, where they surprised the crowd by showing footage from their top secret 2008 wedding. Although some were excited to see the clips, others claimed it was a cynical ploy to put on a united front.

There have also been allegations that Jay has been unfaithful, although nothing has been confirmed. One woman he was rumoured to have romanced unreservedly denied it, while Rita Ora spoke out in fury when she was asked if everything between her and her mentor was above board.

While nothing has been confirmed, Beyoncé is apparently upset about her personal life being dragged through the ringer so publicly.

“She’s been uncharacteristically anxious and has been cutting herself off from those close to her,” an insider told British magazine Grazia.

“When not performing or rehearsing, she’s been spending house alone as she can’t bear the constant speculation. She’s used to being perceived as having the perfect life and is struggling with all the negative attention.”
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Saturday, 05. July 2014