Scherzinger's crazy romance

Nicole Scherzinger thinks long-distance relationships aren't "natural".

Nicole Scherzinger’s relationship with Lewis Hamilton is “crazy romantic”.

The American singer has been dating the British Formula One driver on and off since 2007 and the pair are currently working hard to make it last.

It might have been turbulent in the past, but Nicole, 36, wouldn’t swap the experiences she’s had with her 29-year-old beau.

“Well it’s something crazy romantic,” she smiled to the latest edition of British Cosmopolitan magazine.

“Relationships are hard and having to hold a long-distance relationship is even harder. It’s kudos to us for growing and trying – there’s so much love there.

“It’s just the distance; it’s not natural for anyone. But I’m good and I’m happy.”

Nicole has spent some time over in the UK as part of her stint on the British X Factor, which came to an end with last year’s season. She’s not sure where her career might take her next, but she knows she’d never make sacrifices for love.

“No, absolutely not,” she answered when asked if she would cut back her workload to spend more time with Lewis.

“This is my passion, I have so much more to give, and with him – whether we’re on or off – I wholeheartedly support him in everything he does. I know him like no one else does. It’s good we have that love and respect for each other.”

Alongside her music and fashion ventures, Nicole has been working with UNICEF and disabled kids in Guyana. It’s made her open to the idea of adoption.

“Whatever’s meant to be in the future – but I wanted to adopt every single one of those kids. I love kids – I’d like to have taken the whole bus home!” she enthused.
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Monday, 30. June 2014