Sarah Hyland: I'm an architecture geek

Sarah Hyland loves the nightlife in England but also appreciates the city's architecture.

Sarah Hyland embraces her inner “nerd” when she’s in London.

The actress is one of the coolest faces in Hollywood right now, with a lead part in hit series Modern Family and thanks to her friendship with singer Taylor Swift.

However, she also has a geeky side, which really comes out when she visits the English capital.

“It’s nerdy, but I love the history and architecture,” she smiled to British magazine Glamour about the city. “And the nightlife – I’m definitely going back to [club] Mahiki.”

Now 23, Sarah was just 18 when she started on the hit show. She says she’s now become her “own person”.

Sarah has also bagged a big screen role with a part in action comedy Vampire Academy but the actress will never forget what Modern Family has enabled her to do.

“I got to go to the Emmys and the SAG Awards – they were just mind blowing – and film an episode in Australia. Modern Family has given me such amazing opportunities. I know this is a part of my life I will never forget.”

Sarah says the best thing about the show is that it’s so “relatable”.

She added that while she handles her character’s snarky humour well, the physical side of the show is a little harder and constantly leaving her bruised.

The pretty brunette juggles her showbiz life with her relationship with actor Matt Prokop. They have a winning formula when it comes to making things work.

“We’re both real and honest with each other and since we’re both actors we both understand what it’s like to be in the business and what comes along with it,” she explained to the British edition of OK! magazine.
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Saturday, 28. June 2014