Dolly: I'm an expert on men

Dolly Parton "understands" men thanks to her largely male family.

Dolly Parton thinks women have achieved “acceptance”.

The legendary American singer was quizzed by British musician Lily Allen as part of a feature for Radio Times magazine.

Dolly, 68, had her big break in the ’70s when she starred in and sang the theme tune for comedy 9 to 5, about three women standing up to their sexist boss. She thinks things have changed a lot since then.

“I think women have been accepted a lot over the years. It has more to do with your attitude, your personality and your talent,” she said in the interview.

“I never had those problems. It served me well, being a girl, and being brought up in a family of men. Six brothers, my dad, close to all my uncles. So I know men, I love men, I understand men.”

The star added that she thinks her 21-year-old goddaughter Miley Cyrus is “fantastic”. The young starlet has been criticised in the past for wearing revealing outfits on stage and talking to the audience about using drugs.

Dolly instead focuses on how strong female performers are.

“Women have got a long way to go, but I really think we’ve made a lot of great strides since Jane Fonda starred in 9 to 5,” she mused.

“I felt I was part of a whole new movement, especially in the workplace.

“There are a lot of wonderful women out there doing a lot of wonderful things.”

The UK’s famous Glastonbury Festival kicks off this week, where Dolly will be performing. She asked for tips from Lily, who has been going every year, since she was just six weeks old.

“I’ve heard that people from all walks of life come to Glastonbury. I guess they smoke a lot of dope and drink a lot of booze, like most festivals, right?” Dolly smiled.

“But then there’s a lot of people that don’t, they just come to listen to the music. Who cares, as long as they’re having a good time?

“What should I expect? Mud? I’ll be wearing my high heels, even if I’m up to my knees in mud.”
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Tuesday, 24. June 2014