Kylie: Rumours get to me

Kylie Minogue is "affected" by negative news coverage about her.

Kylie Minogue gets “frustrated” by comments made about her in the press.

The 46-year-old singer made headlines earlier this year after it was claimed she failed to pay her backing dancers. She has also had to put up with her love life being in the public eye, most recently amid her split from ex-boyfriend Andrés Velencoso last October.

While Kylie tries to move past the negative comments made, she does find they put a strain on her.

“That [backing dancers claim] just really put a dampener on everything. It was frustrating and I would hope people know me well enough to know that’s just not how I operate,” she explained to Star Observer magazine. "I was kind of dragged into something but we remedied the situation and everyone was taken care of.

“I can’t lie, [coverage] happens and just recently I thought I’ve been down this road before and I’m affected by it. But you just really need to dig deep and part of being an artist is having securities… You just have to get back on the horse.”

Although her personal life has been tough as of late, Kylie is currently enjoying success with her new album Kiss Me Once. She has teamed up with a host of big names on the record, such as Pharrell Williams for her track I Was Gonna Cancel, and found trying to find a new sound a challenge.

“It’s really tricky because you want to do something new, something a little left field, but something [the audience are] comfortable with on the dance floor, doing the vacuuming or just listening to the radio,” she explained. “So I just have to make a decision and believe in it and hope that enough people like it.”
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Monday, 23. June 2014