Billy Bob: I was a ladybug for Halloween

Billy Bob Thornton loves how seriously his nine-year-old daughter takes her future career plans.

Billy Bob Thornton dressed up as a ladybird to honour his daughter’s career plans.

The 58-year-old actor has nine-year-old Bella with his long-term partner Connie Angland. He would do anything to make Bella happy, so had no problem indulging her suggestion when October 31 rolled around last year.

“My daughter wants to be an entomologist, so everything is about insects like butterflies and caterpillars,” he laughed to People magazine. “Last Halloween she went as a monarch butterfly and I went as a ladybug. That doesn’t really look like me, but I did it. I strapped on the wings and everything.”

Billy gets a lot of funny moments courtesy of his little girl. He and Connie think it’s important for her to have chores, but recently one of them didn’t really go to plan.

“My daughter is in charge of watering the plants and this morning she was holding the hose while reading a book. I just watched her and wondered when she’d realise a puddle was growing. At least she likes books!” he laughed.

The family are close and enjoy going to see other relatives when they have time. The Fargo actor’s most recent road trip was with Connie and Bella, with the three of them having strict rules about who manages the music when in the car.

“We drove up the [California] coast to visit family. [Between Connie and me] the driver gets to decide what music we listen to -unless Bella vetoes it. She likes Colbie Caillat. I’m glad it is someone I can stand!” he said.
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Saturday, 21. June 2014