Goulding’s TV battles

Ellie Goulding and boyfriend Dougie Poynter battle over which programmes to watch.

Ellie Goulding says TV shows can be a point of contention between herself and boyfriend Dougie Poynter.

UK newspaper The Sun reports the British pop star has only been dating the McFly singer for a few months, but she admits the pair’s taste in TV couldn’t be more different – and that can mean a battle for the remote.

“He will not watch Geordie Shore and I absolutely love it so that’s been a big debating point for us. He just doesn’t get why I find it amusing but he’s right into Game of Thrones,” she mused.

Ellie admits she’s now getting into the popular show, based on George R. R. Martin’s series of fantasy novels A Song of Ice and Fire. But she’s not quite as into it as her beau.

“He’s got the special badges he wears that he bought at some geek shop in Manchester. I’ve started watching it and am loving it but I’m way behind and trying to catch up to him,” she said.

Ellie is meanwhile focused on her work. The 27-year-old star recently said fans can expect a departure from the love songs in her next album.

“I’ve written a lot of songs about relationships and break-ups,” she explained. “I feel like my next album is going to be about something completely different,” she recently told The Sun.

“At the moment I’m really into science and nature. I’m reading about the beginning of the universe and also watching documentaries and loving David Attenborough – his voice and his knowledge is amazing.

“If I could somehow utilise his voice in a recording with me, it would be awesome – a chance to make a point with my music and his authority,” she said.
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Monday, 16. June 2014