Slash: My music's not hostile

Slash's new album isn't an aggressive record, but rather a celebration of sex and rock 'n' roll.

Slash’s latest album isn’t meant to be aggressive, despite being called World On Fire.

The Guns N’ Roses legend is back with a new record, his third solo offering. It features vocals from Myles Kennedy and backing band The Conspirators.

The group last week played a five-song acoustic set at historic London landmark The Houses of Parliament, designed to “blow the cobwebs” off the place, according to Myles.

“It’s not meant to be aggressive,” Slash mused of his new album to music magazine Kerrang! “The title track was a song that Myles wrote. It’s sort of a sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll song. OK, maybe not the drugs part – but definitely the sex and rock ‘n’ roll! It’s a great time to take a title like that and just do crazy things like this.”

Slash has enjoyed more than three decades making music, but still gets a thrill out of hearing his new material in front of others.

The 48-year-old rocker enjoys the process of listening to his music through other people’s ears, something he finds both insightful and fresh.

“Well, I’m just checking it out now, actually, because it’s playing in the background – and it sounds pretty good!” he smiled about the album.

“You have a different perspective when you’re listening to it from this vantage point; it’s really in someone else’s hands. When I’m playing it at home, or in the car you’re totally sucked into it and you know it backwards and forwards. But when you’re listening to it when someone else’s listening to it, from a distance, it’s pretty cool and very, very different.”
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Sunday, 15. June 2014