Jason Biggs: I always win

Jason Biggs is always surprised when the things he stars in aren't hugely successful.

Jason Biggs always expects the things he’s in to be “massive”.

The actor has appeared in the American Pie franchise and can now be seen on Netflix original show Orange Is the New Black, set in a women’s prison. He’s thrilled with the success of the programme, although always had a sneaking suspicion it would do well.

“I expect everything I’m in to be massive, but it just doesn’t happen that way,” he laughed to British magazine Heat. “On paper, it was all there. It’s unlike anything else on television or streaming and that can either bode well for it, or work against it. And it has worked for this show in an incredible way.”

Jason portrays Larry in the series, whose partner Piper ends up in prison. Season one saw the pair trying to get to grips with their new circumstances, with the difficulties continuing into the new series, which has just been made available.

“Tricky. I think it gets more confusing before it gets less confusing,” he explained. “Things get even more complicated, potentially, and I still think that they don’t quite know what they want. They’re still trying to figure it out individually.”

Taylor Shilling stars as jailbird Piper and has also been astounded by how well the show has done. She is particularly excited by the way fans have embraced it.

“We have very creative fans [on Twitter]… I think it’s really interesting to see the dolls, the illustrations… the mats – the woven things, people have woven our images into mats,” she laughed.
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Sunday, 15. June 2014