Lana’s ‘telepathic romance’

Lana Del Rey says her connection with longtime boyfriend Barrie-James O'Neill feels fated at times.

Lana Del Rey says her connection with boyfriend Barrie-James O’Neill feels “telepathic”.

The 27-year-old Shades of Cool singer has been in a relationship with the Scottish musician since 2011.

And according to Lana their bond continues to grow stronger.

“He is definitely a poet. I didn’t really know what being a poet meant until I met him. He has changed me in ways that I didn’t expect,” she explained to British newspaper The Sun. “On the one hand I have everything I’ve dreamed of in terms of a soul connection, it’s almost telepathic.”

Although they have a powerful bond, Lana admits she finds being in a relationship challenging sometimes.

The star also dismisses speculation she and Barrie-James are getting married.

“I would be lying if I said it wasn’t difficult. He is a much darker character than most people I’ve ever met,” she shared.

“We always joke around about how we should have found simpler counterparts. There are rumours we are engaged. We are not but we are together.”

Lana struggled with alcohol and drug addiction in the past.

The songstress confesses it’s been taking a huge amount of willpower on her part to remain sober recently.

“I’ve loosened up a lot which means before, when I was depressed I wanted drink and now I am feeling good I still want to drink,” she laughed.

“But I think back to when I was in high school and I’d been taking a lot of drugs. We were crushing up truck driver pills, called bumblebees. I was self-medicating and needed to stop. You can’t get through your day and work like this unless you are Keith Richards. So I stopped and I had to or none of this would’ve happened.”

Lana’s third album Ultraviolence is released on Friday June 13.
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Friday, 13. June 2014