Pete Wentz's head-banging how-to

Pete Wentz has advised fans to drink water and take pain relief tablets when attending festivals, to avoid sore necks when moshing.

Pete Wentz advises festival goers to pack pain relief tablets to ease “metal neck”.

The Fall Out Boy bassist will be performing at this weekend’s Download festival in the UK with the rest of the band and wants to make sure their fans don’t fall foul to too much neck strain from head banging.

“When in doubt, hydrate!” Pete laughed to British magazine Kerrang! when asked for his top festival advice.

“Also: soap can be your best friend. And there’s nothing like ibuprofen tablets to take the pain away of a little metal neck when you’ve been head banging all day!”

Also on the line up for this week’s rock gathering are Aerosmith, Linkin Park and The Pretty Reckless.

While Pete is looking forward to playing for the music loving crowd, he’s just as happy watching acts as he is being on stage. When quizzed on Fall Out Boy’s diva-like behaviour at festivals, Pete insists none of them worry about roughing it while in a field.

“I don’t think any of us mind too much. I slogged through the rain at a festival last year with my buddy [producer] Dillon Francis to see Knife Party, and it was such an epic moment. We don’t really have festival moments in the US the way we do overseas, so we don’t take it for granted,” he revealed.

Camping comes part-and-parcel with festivals, but 35-year-old Pete hasn’t always had successful trips when it comes to sleeping out in the wild.

“I went to this church camping trip for the weekend when I was 13, or so, and did a bunch of Kumbaya-ing by the fire because I thought this rad girl liked me. It turned out that she did not…” he laughed.
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Wednesday, 11. June 2014