Sneak peek: Plain Jane Episode 3

This Sunday Louise takes on the ladette Emily - get to know her here!

Super sporty Emily lives in comfy hoodies and doesn’t have the confidence to try new things.  Enter Louise Roe to help her take on the world and tell her friend Steve how she feels about him. Get to know Emily, her crush Steve and Louise’s view on this weeks Jane in the clips above!

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Thursday, 12. June 2014

  • Louise's view on Emily

    Louise talks about Emily and how she is very confident and outgoing, however she acts like one of the guys and isn’t very feminine.

  • Jane Profile: Emily

    Emily is a student at Swansea University and needs help boosting her confidence and getting out of the friend zone.

  • Crush Profile: Steven

    Steven is a student from Swansea who was skeptical about this date, he thought his mates were playing a joke on him, and he’s actually never been on a proper date before.