The Ride: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Wednesday 20.00: The hip-hop duo reveals their story raw and unfiltered in MTV's music documentary

MTV’s music driven documentary series The Ride gives today’s most talented performers a direct link to fans to tell their story – that no one’s ever heard before. Each artist tells his or her own story raw and unfiltered directly to the camera and gives fans around the world an intimate peek inside their lives now and then.

In this episode, the Grammy award winning hiphop indy artists Macklemore & Ryan Lewis reveals the most game-changing moments that “made them” professionally and transformed their lives personally, culminating in THE #1 most important moment that changed everything.

Tune in 'Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: The Ride' this Wednesday June 11th at 20:00 – only on MTV!

Monday, 09. June 2014