Scherzinger got swoony for Clooney

Nicole Scherzinger got so nervous when she met George Clooney that she introduced herself even though he knew who she was.

Nicole Scherzinger desperately tried to “act cool” when she met Will Ferrell.

The 35-year-old singer is a huge fan of the funnyman, previously saying his movies are one of the quickest ways to boost her mood if she’s feeling down. Nicole has met Will and tried hard not to show how nervous she was.

“I’ve been most starstruck by Will Ferrell – I tried to act cool though,” she said during a webchat for Stylist magazine. “He’s amazeballs in person. I love all his movies. He had his Ron Burgundy perm on when I met him last.”

Marion Cotillard is another favourite of Nicole’s, with the singer recently seeing her at the Cannes Film Festival and being impressed with how flawless she was. Like women the world over, Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney has also made an impression on Nicole.

“I was doing a George Clooney telephone fundraiser for Haiti – I was completely struck by him and I said, ‘Hello, I’m Nicole.’ And he was like, ‘I know who you are…’” she laughed.

“His fiancée [Amal Alamuddin] is lovely they are such a lovely couple.”

Nicole has been working on a new album recently and while it doesn’t have a title at the moment, she revealed there is a collaboration with T.I.

The star recently rekindled her romance with Formula One star Lewis Hamilton, who is from the UK. Nicole has grown to love the country and spends a great deal of time in Britain, with one particular UK pastime having a big effect on her.

“I spend my time evenly between the US and the UK – I love the UK and when I’m not here I miss it. I love it that there are people here in the pub at 11am,” she giggled, adding she’s not opposed to a drink herself if she’s not in a great mood.

“If it’s a really bad day I like to be on my own but sometimes you need your friends to cheer up with Mexican margaritas.”
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Monday, 09. June 2014