Amanda Seyfried: I'm not fearless

Amanda Seyfried insists she's no daredevil.

Amanda Seyfried doesn’t think she’s brave.

The actress has taken on some risqué roles, such as drama Chloe, which saw her infatuated with a woman, and Lovelace, a biopic of porn star Linda Lovelace’s life.

She might seem fearless, but the 28-year-old insists she’s no daredevil.

“It was enough for me that I had to jump off a cliff for [2008 film] Mamma Mia! – never again!” she laughed to German magazine Joy. “I’m only truly brave when it comes to my roles.”

The blonde star is known for her sense of humour and seems comfortable in her own skin. Over the years, she’s learnt to embrace her individuality.

“I do what I want and say what I’m thinking,” she insisted. “I don’t let anyone put me in a drawer and dress whichever way suits me. Which means I’m happy to throw on some sweatpants and go out for coffee.”

Amanda is now happily loved up with actor Justin Long, but she revealed that in her childhood she had a huge crush on Leonardo DiCaprio. She’s amazed by how many ways there are to find a potential partner these days.

“We just have too many ways of meeting someone. On the internet or in a big city you could constantly bump into someone new,” she said.

The star is a true romantic at heart though, and thinks there is a soul mate that’s meant for every one of us.

Her relationship is often speculated about in the media, so to escape from the Hollywood spotlight, Amanda likes to sketch.

“Even though I can’t really say I can draw, you could probably call whatever I’m creating art!” she laughed.
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Thursday, 05. June 2014