Uhhm… Harry Styles… Naked?

Directioners - take a deep breath. Here’s a pic of Harry Styles… Naked?

Harry Styles hanged out with his cousins the other day, and the outfit was only a purple bandana. One of the cousins, Matt Selley, tweeted the picture but removed it immediately – but Internet doesn’t forget. Directioners all over the world saw it before the removal and it has already been spread all over the world.

On the picture we can see Harry Styles doing the peace-sign while flashing a whole lotta skin. The One Direction singer was watching a boxing when the picture was taken. His other cousin Ben tweeted: “Just watched the fight from last night! Class! @Concept_Ben @Harry_Styles.”.

What do you think, is Harry Styles naked in the picture?

Thursday, 05. June 2014