BTS: Plain Jane Episode 2

This Sunday Louise takes on the lifeguard Jen - go & get to know her here!

Little lifeguard Jen feels invisible, time for fashion expert Louise Roe to step in to help her stand out from the crowd. Get to know Jennifer, her crush Ivan and Louise’s view on this weeks Jane in the clips above!

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Wednesday, 04. June 2014

  • BTS | Louise's view on Jennifer

    Louise gushes about one of her favorite Janes, Alexis, and how successful the day has been so far.

  • BTS | Jane Profile: Jennifer

    Jennifer is a student studying science and has known her crush for a while but lacks the confidence to ask him out.

  • BTS | Crush Profile: Ivan

    Ivan is a student studying kinesiology in Toronto and loves sports and hopes to become a sports physical therapist.