Evan Rachel Wood: Don’t exploit my breakup

Evan Rachel Wood says rumours she hooked up with Michelle Rodriguez are a complete fabrication.

Evan Rachel Wood is disgusted by “convenient” rumours she hooked up with Michelle Rodriguez.

The 26-year-old actress announced earlier this week she and her husband of two years Jamie Bell have separated.

Shortly after their statement was made, rumours emerged Evan, who is openly bisexual, engaged in a romantic romp with fellow leading lady Michelle on May 10 after attending An Evening With Women at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Evan says this hearsay is ludicrous, false and inaccurate.

“Looks like someone is already trying to start a rumor that I “hooked up” with Michelle Rodriguez at ‘an evening with women’—,” Evan wrote on her Twitter account Friday (sic).

“— I have never even said ‘hello’ to Michelle Rodriguez. I think its convenient someone chose to make up the story now and not that night,” she continued (sic).

Evan then posted a video which shows her walking away from the affair by herself.

“If ‘a source’ saw us leave together, why am I seen here leaving alone?” she mused, with footage attached.

“This is ‘journalism’ at its lowest. Complete lies made up to exploit a public separation, as if that isnt hard enough. Disgusting.

“Also just because you are in a photo with someone doesnt mean you spoke or slept together. Really guys? (sic)”

It seems Evan’s fans are in agreement with the actress, as many supported her statements with their own tweets.

“the stupidity of some journalists to believe that those part of a ‘minority’ are obviously going to get together, idiocy,” one follower wrote (sic).

Another fan offered a powerful take on the situation, noting several people are impacted by spurious hearsay.

“also hurting the relationship she is currently in too. Do they not care these are peoples lives they’re messing with? #bull,” the second follower tweeted (sic).
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Friday, 30. May 2014