Katy Perry doesn't do mornings

Katy Perry avoids mornings, and always reminds herself to be grateful for her career achievements.

Katy Perry is not a morning person.

The pop superstar is currently touring the globe with her The Prismatic World Tour, which will see the singer on the road until December.

While Katy, 29, loves to travel, she hates having to get up early and much prefers to catch up on her beauty sleep.

“I usually avoid mornings in general. I have had horrible jetlag, where I don’t go to bed here until 4am and then I don’t wake up till about 12 or 1pm. But I avoid mornings at all costs. I am never up then,” Katy laughed to Nick Grimshaw on Radio 1’s Breakfast Show.

To help her combat her cranky moods at the start of the day, Katy likes to implement positive thinking.

Before going on stage Katy recites a mantra to herself, pointing out that there are many others queuing up to take her princess-of-pop crown.

“So I mean, yeah I have horrible days where it feels like it’s just another day checked off. I kind of put my mind in this mindset of being grateful,” she revealed.

“And when I go under the stage, because I go under the stage to get up to start the show, I kind of check in with myself and do this whole like, ‘Ok, you know you’re here for a reason, be grateful, this is an opportunity… 500 other girls are behind you, ready to snatch your weave at any point. You better put your attitude in line.’”

Since setting the charts alight with pop anthem I Kissed a Girl in 2008, Katy says her outlook on the music industry has changed and her determination has grown.

“I take my job incredibly seriously, I don’t take myself incredibly seriously,” she smiled. "You’ll find me on the treadmill every single day, it’s so boring. But it’s great because I’m listening to all kinds of new music. So I’m just ingesting all kinds of music while running my balls off.

“I used to not be as focused, I’d have, like, a little cigarette here and a drink here and it just seems that now is the time… I don’t think I have another opportunity. I either have to step it up or not.”
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Friday, 30. May 2014