Taylor Schilling: Bodies aren’t trendy

Taylor Schilling thinks all human beings are beautiful in their own unique way.

Taylor Schilling doesn’t believe bodies should ever fall in the “trendy” category.

The 29-year-old Orange is the New Black actress says she isn’t overly concerned with her weight.

Taylor won’t allow herself to freak out about physical appearance because she finds all kinds of diverse human forms attractive.

“I’m an actor, not a model. I will never compromise myself or my health just to fit into something trendy. We have to realise that all women in all bodies are beautiful,” she told Glow magazine.

Taylor received a Golden Globe nomination for her work in Netflix jail series Orange is the New Black.

The actress is convinced the programme is a big hit because its authenticity resonates with viewers.

“Sometimes the entertainment industry denies reality, but the reality is, when you walk down the street there are so many different variations of what it means to be a human being and a woman, and I believe they are all OK … The series has made more space for realistic characters on TV that are based on all kinds of real people, as they’re all valuable and worth having their story told,” she explained.

Taylor is so grateful she is in the running for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress and the star credits her success to supportive peers.

“Before [the nomination], I hadn’t had the opportunity to share my talents yet. Now I know I’ve finally been seen by so many people and I’m on the right track,” she gushed. “I’m so grateful Jenji [Kohan, creator of OITNB] saw who I really was during my audition. She saw what I was capable of.”
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Thursday, 29. May 2014