Kelis: I'm a slipper collector

Kelis takes strange mementos home from hotels.

Kelis collects hotel slippers.

The 34-year-old singer released her latest album Food last month and has also indulged her love of cooking by designing a range of sauces. Her exciting work life often gives her the opportunity to travel and Kelis picks up some strange mementos along the way.

“Always,” she assured British magazine Stylist when asked if she wears slippers. “I kind of have a thing for hotel slippers. I collect them. I have tons and tons and tons of hotel slippers.”

The star went on to share her morning routine and insists she rarely needs an alarm to wake her up. She added that her first thought is probably “I’m hungry” and that she never intentionally skips breakfast.

Kelis won over a huge amount of fans in 2003 with her catchy hit Milkshake. This year she’s on the Intimate Venues Tour and it’s here when her worst habits come out.

“I guess it depends who you’re asking but when I’m touring I have a habit of taking everything out of my luggage all the time and spreading it everywhere,” she admitted.

Kelis has to juggle being on the road with caring for her four-year-old son Knight, who she has with ex-husband Nas.

It seems her hectic lifestyle leaves her with little time for anything else, with Kelis admitting she rarely finds a spare moment to have friends round for dinner and that she never has a minute to read a newspaper in the mornings.

She’s also noticed that her sense of adventure has calmed down over the years.

“I just don’t care anymore,” she shrugged. “I don’t have the same excitement about stuff as I used to.”
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Wednesday, 28. May 2014