Reznor: Bowie is a superhero

Trent Reznor says touring with David Bowie was an experience he will never forget.

Trent Reznor thinks David Bowie is superhuman.

Nine Inch Nails were on their 1995 Self-Destruct Tour when David contacted him and asked to play a few dates.

According to Trent, he didn’t want to extend the tour but couldn’t possibly say no to someone he considered an inspiration.

“That’s one of those things where I still look back and go, ‘Oh man, that actually really happened.’ He wanted to do a tour, and I had just got done saying I do not want to tour any more. I’d had enough. Then I got the message from Bowie and was like, ‘OK! Great! When do we start?’” he told Entertainment Weekly.

The musician goes on to explain that at the time, Nine Inch Nails were more popular than David Bowie.

Trent was determined to honour him and decided to open for him, instead of vice-versa.

“I thought that was a cool tour. I’m not sure how many people noticed that. There’s some lasting impressions he made on me as someone who went from my hero who I didn’t know who I could project superpowers onto from my bedroom to a human being who is a really f**ing great guy,” Trent shared.

The rocker thinks the time he spent with the British star was extremely useful, as he took lots of advice away from David.

Trent is adamant meeting his hero only served to make him a bigger fan after the experience.

“He provided some really good guidance, especially artistically… I’m glad to have that in the memory bank. He’s the real deal. He’s one of those few people who didn’t disappoint you when you actually get to know them,” Trent recalled.
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Friday, 23. May 2014