Childish Katy Perry

Katy Perry says it feels "weird" to be a grown up.

Katy Perry feels like a child.

The singer may be gearing up to celebrate her 30th birthday in October this year, but she still feels like a kid at heart. In fact, the star took to Twitter to complain about her constant Peter Pan-like state.

“Sometimes it feels weird being a child in this adult body. (sic),” she admitted to her followers.

It seems many of Katy’s fans know where she’s coming from, as plenty responded saying they have the same problem.

She’s certainly been making the most of her youthful energy by filming a fun video for her latest single Birthday. In the promo, Katy even dresses up as a pensioner called Goldie with a penchant for revealing flapper-style outfits.

The character went down so well that the 29-year-old even released an outtakes reel for her fans to delight in.

Following her divorce from Russell Brand in 2012, Katy has enjoyed a few fun relationships. The latest man she was linked to was musician Diplo, but earlier this week it was claimed the pair have parted ways. This could be down to Katy’s reluctance to grow up.

“Diplo broke up with her because she does not want to be in a serious relationship. She’s doing OK and not too sad about it. They wanted different things," a source told InTouch magazine. "She freaked out when he wanted to introduce her to his parents. She doesn’t want to get married again – at least not anytime soon.

“She wants to date and he wanted something much more serious. It was too much, too soon."
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Friday, 23. May 2014