LiLo ‘out of her head’

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly losing the plot when it comes to maintaining her sobriety.

Lindsay Lohan is supposedly “out of her head” at the moment.

The 27-year-old actress is currently in Cannes, France enjoying the film festival festivities.

But apparently close ones are worried whether she will be able to maintain her sobriety while abroad.

“Lindsay is f**ked up and is out of her f**king head,” a source told Radar Online.

“Lindsay is doing the exact opposite of what she should be doing.”

It is claimed Lindsay reunited with Gavin Doyle in Cannes, her former assistant who partied with her frequently before the Mean Girls star’s latest stint in rehab.

This reunion is supposedly unwelcome by friends and family because they believe Gavin is a horrible influence on her.

“Lindsay was also with Gavin four years ago,” the insider explained. “[Everyone’s worried] he is enabling her and making a mess of everything.

“And now he’s with her again. Everyone is worried that she’s back partying in Cannes and seeing the pictures of her in the club makes them think that she’s surrounding herself with her old friends and that her partying is out of control.”

Lindsay is said to be accompanied in Cannes by her younger brother, Michael Lohan, Jr.

Apparently he is doing everything he can to ensure his sibling remains on the right track.

“Her brother is working his ass off to make things work for her and he is basically banging his head against a brick wall,” the source said.

“This is so sad that Lindsay has these horrible people around her again.”
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Friday, 23. May 2014