Paris Hilton ‘hit the roof’ at Cannes club

Paris Hilton reportedly freaked out at fans while partying with Justin Bieber at Gotha nightclub in Cannes.

Paris Hilton supposedly lost her cool while partying at a club with Justin Bieber.

The 33-year-old socialite famously let loose with the 20-year-old Baby crooner at Gotha nightclub Sunday night in Cannes, France.

But Paris’ evening didn’t go off without a hitch, as her fame managed to get in the way of fun.

“She hit the roof when people started filming her and she was yelling, ‘I can’t be filmed by a rival club – I’m being paid a lot of money to appear in another club!’” a source told British newspaper The Mirror.

“Her people stepped in to calm her down and persuade her to return to her table, where she then started dancing, sucking on a lollipop and flirting with Justin again.”

While at Gotha it appeared as if Paris was having the time of her life most of the time.

It is claimed the heiress lived it up on the dance floor throughout the night.

“Paris had a private table above the DJ setup at the nightclub and was clearly loving being out and being the centre of attention. She was trying to dance sexily and looked really up for a party,” an insider detailed.

She left the venue to attend a private post-clubbing bash Justin put on for about 50 other people, but apparently the pop star’s hosting efforts didn’t impress Paris in the slightest.

“Paris ended up leaving the party after half an hour when Justin was just playing his own songs,” the insider revealed.

“She said the party was really lame.”
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Wednesday, 21. May 2014