Lady Gaga ‘walks dog in disguise’

Lady Gaga has spoken about her family life, new pet and whether she is planning on getting married in the future.

Lady Gaga does “all sorts of normal things” with her new puppy.

The 28-year-old Applause singer has been posting numerous pictures of her French Bulldog, Asia, on social media of late.

Gaga is one of the most famous people in the world currently, but celebrity doesn’t stop her from walking the dog.

“I do all sorts of normal things, I mean probably the same as everyone, I go see my family, go to my dad’s restaurant in New York, I have a new puppy, I play with her,” the star told Extra, noting she takes her pup out for walks in disguise.

“I always feed her, I sleep with her every night, I take her out to go potty and it’s really sweet because she is like my little friend.”

Gaga has been in a relationship with Chicago Fire actor Taylor Kinney since July 2011.

But she isn’t thinking about marriage just yet, as the songstress would rather go with the flow.

“Could be, who’s to say,” she said of whether she planned to marry soon.

“I don’t have my life planned that way, I am actually more than ever truly trying to live in the moment and really just enjoy this time right now with you, this time with my team, with my new puppy, with ARTPOP.”

Gaga is currently performing shows across the world on her artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball tour and she wants fans to get their money’s worth.

“I don’t think it’s cool to lip sync. I’m not judging if people do because it’s everybody’s own style of what they decided to be, the type of artist they will be, but I think if you pay money for a ticket to see a show the artist should f**king have some pipes and sing their records for you,” Gaga explained.
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Tuesday, 20. May 2014