Rita Ora has no time for fake friends

Rita Ora learned "the hard way" that some of her friendships weren't genuine.

Rita Ora is still trying to figure out the difference between real and fake friends.

The 23-year-old singer is riding high professionally at the moment, with her track I Will Never Let You Down topping the UK charts. Success comes at a cost though, and Rita still finds it hard to work out who she can trust.

“I guess friendships in the spotlight are different to friendships in private. I’ve got friends I’ve known since I was born and nobody knows what they look like. Some friends are famous, some aren’t. I guess you meet new people on the way,” she told British magazine Hello!.

“There are a lot of fake friendships. When I first started out, people warned me about someone, but I was very much, ‘No, she’s being nice.’ I guess you learn the hard way. You have to know the difference between what’s real and what’s fake.”

Rita made I Will Never Let You Down with her boyfriend Calvin Harris, who she’s been with for around a year. Dating him has changed a lot in her life as she’s had to get used to thinking about someone else all the time, which she is still working on.

“Instead of going out to party with friends, I got to dinner with my boyfriend, then party,” she explained. “I’m only 23 and he’s 30 so there are a lot of things I’m learning along the way that he’s very patient with. It’s just great to have someone there who cares about me.”

Rita couldn’t be happier romantically, although as she and Calvin work so much they are often apart. Having a long-distance romance is a struggle for the star and she still has to work on some areas of it.

“I don’t get jealous, I get suspicious,” she said. “Any girl would, though. It’s only because you miss that person, that’s really the reason.”
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Monday, 19. May 2014