Emma Heming talks parenting fears

Emma Heming Willis had some doubts before her second daughter was born.

Emma Heming Willis worried about being a mother of two.

The actress is married Die Hard star Bruce Willis and together they have two-year-old Mabel and baby Evelyn, who was born earlier this month. Emma is excited about their growing brood, but admits becoming a mother for the second time is daunting.

“I admit that I do have my worries about being a mother of two – just wondering, ‘How do you do it?’” she revealed to British magazine Hello! shortly before Evelyn was born. “I feel I just got my feet underneath me with having one! But yes, I’m ready and waiting.”

Emma, 35, is also stepmother to Bruce’s three daughters with his ex-wife Demi Moore. Having kids together has bonded the pair even more.

“It made a huge impact on us, changed our lifestyle completely – and for the better,” she gushed. “It’s made our family unit stronger. I have a lot more patience. It’s put my life into perspective regarding what really matters.”

Emma added that she and Bruce have similar parenting styles but that she is a little stricter. Her husband isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty when it comes to caring for their little ones.

“He’s all hands-on. And thankfully so. I really couldn’t do it without him. That’s what have so much respect for single parents,” she said. “My mom was a single parent. She worked three jobs to support us. I look back and think, ‘How could she juggle it all and not lose her mind?’ I’m so grateful to have such a dedicated dad for our [children].”
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Sunday, 18. May 2014