Solange + Beyoncé & Jay Z = All good in the hood?

    Jewelry shopping and instabombs - here’s what happened after the assault

    We’re still waiting on some kind of statement, explanation or just something to calm our nerves after the leaked video on Solange attacking Jay-Z, but the Carter-Knowles clan kept it quiet. All we got to go on is this:

    1. Bey & Jay just uploaded instapics on them with Solange. Well, we know the saying one photo says more than one thousand words but for now we’d prefer the words.

    2. Apparently, Jay and Solange been seen shopping jewelry together? Some bling bling to forgive and forget?

    3. According to, a insider explains the Carters extreme coolness in the elevator: "This is not the first time this has happened. That’s why Bey and Jay were so calm. They are used to this from Solange.”

    Some pieces added to the puzzle, but our question still remain – what happened? What do you think?

    Wednesday, 14. May 2014