J-Lo: You don't know Solange's story

Jennifer Lopez has warned celebrities they need to “roll with the punches” as far as gossip is concerned.

Jennifer Lopez has warned that no-one knows the “real story” behind Solange Knowles’ apparent attack on Jay Z.

Earlier this week footage which appeared to show Solange violently lashing out at her brother-in-law in an elevator, while her sister Beyoncé looked on, was leaked. The incident occurred following a Met Ball after-party held at The Standard in New York City.

At the moment none of the three superstars have confirmed it is them in the video, but Jennifer has waded in on the subject.

“You can’t speculate what’s going on. What I do know about being in the public eye is that you never know the real story and you never will unless somebody decides to share it,” she told Hot 97’s Angie Martinez.

“People are just nosy. And you just gotta know that when you’re in this business and just roll with the punches.”

Angie then raised the topic of how private Jay Z and Beyoncé are. They famously got married in secret and have done their utmost to protect their two-year-old daughter Blue Ivy from the spotlight. Jennifer believes that is one of the reasons the alleged fight has been such big news.

“It makes people crazy and wanna know more,” she stated. “I mean if you saw a fight on the street right out here wouldn’t you wanna know what happened? People that you didn’t even know that weren’t famous, it’s like. ‘What happened?!’ I think that’s just a natural curiosity. If I saw two girls fighting outside I’d be like, ‘Oh my God, I bet you she cheated on him with her husband… something happened!’”

Jennifer is currently promoting her eighth album A.K.A. which includes the track Big Booty. The star has always been known for her curves and initially thought she was too much of a “serious artist” to include the song on her record, but after her six-year-old twins Max and Emme went wild when listening to it she realised it was a floor filler.

“Big Booty is a song I did with Diplo. It’s a fun song and it’s about owning everything about you and who you are and embracing that,” she explained.
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Wednesday, 14. May 2014