Justin Bieber silent on robbery claims

Justin Bieber is yet to address claims that he was involved in an attempted robbery on Monday.

Justin Bieber has tweeted about a sports game amid attempted robbery allegations.

The 20-year-old popstar has had several brushes with the law, including an arrest for DUI earlier this year and accusations from a neighbour, who claims he pelted their house with eggs, causing $20,000 of damage.

Now the singer is being investigated by police, following claims of an attempted robbery.

A spokeswoman for Los Angeles Police Department told Sky News the alleged incident took place on Monday night and was reported on Tuesday.

Justin hasn’t addressed the rumours, but instead tweeted about a sports match.

“That game was crazy (sic),” he posted on Twitter.

According to TMZ, a woman claims the star noticed she was about to take a picture of him at Sherman Oaks Castle Park complex. He is said to have stormed over and demanded to see her phone to erase any photos. When she refused to hand over the device, he apparently began to wrestle it from her.

Despite allegedly snatching the phone, Justin was apparently unable to access it due to a passcode lock. He reportedly demanded proof she had taken no pictures and is said to have made the woman’s young daughter cry after he allegedly began shouting and accusing her of “humiliating” herself in front of her child.

Justin is yet to be questioned, but police are speaking to the woman who made the claims. The star may be contacted about the alleged incident later.

TMZ claim they obtained a photo of Justin at the complex in question, with the website writing the blurry image shows a security guard trying to calm the situation.
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Wednesday, 14. May 2014