Hartnett: Victorians were sex-crazed

Josh Hartnett doesn’t think generations past were any less interested in intercourse than our modern society is now.

Josh Hartnett thinks people in the Victorian era were “sex-crazed”.

The 35-year-old actor portrays Ethan Chandler in the new Showtime TV series Penny Dreadful, which centres on 19th century Londoners who explore dangerous supernatural forces.

The programme is filled with steamy sex, but Josh believes these scintillating scenes are historically accurate.

“The Victorians were not as staid as we’ve made them out to be — that they were sexless and had no fun,” he told British newspaper The Sun.

“But really a lot of the entertainment that we currently have was conceived of by Victorians in some way or another.

“They were just as sex-crazed and weird as we are.”

Josh’s character Ethan is a gutsy American gunslinger who falls in love with an Irish prostitute named Brona Croft, played by Billie Piper.

The actor is happy to have depicted such a steamy, torrid on-screen relationship set in the Victorian era, as he thinks the romance is loaded with authenticity.

“In every culture there are very conservative people but there were some very wild people as well,” Josh explained.

“There was a lot going on. It was a big world even then.”

His co-star Billie admits she didn’t mind filming such hot scenes with him, as the actress has found Josh very attractive for years.

“Do I fancy Josh? I did when I was younger. But how can I answer that now without sounding either like a bitch or a total predator? He’s totally gorgeous — I had a lot of jealous girlfriends,” she smiled, before noting he was an excellent co-worker.

“I worked with Josh pretty much all the time on this. He’s lovely, he’s chilled, he’s gentle and he cares a lot so you felt like you were in good hands.

“And also he’s a lot of fun.”
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Wednesday, 14. May 2014